Oxygen 2 Innovation | AI Facebot
1. Do-It-Yourself kit for students

Imagine building your intelligent surveillance system which can distinguish your friends from intruders. And on top of it, imagine building your own chat bot which can ask intelligent questions. It will be so interesting!

2. Practical Applications

This kit will help you learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and practically also apply it to your daily life.

3. Visual Programming

It is a simple visual based coding method thus enabling students who do not even know coding to make their own chat bots easily. So, let's just get started.

4. Online AI Course

You will have access to our online AI video course for free!

5. Easy to follow instruction manual + Assembly Videos + On-call support

If you get stuck somewhere, we are just a call away. We guarantee success.

6. Certification

You will be awarded with a certificate signed by senior Indian Air Force officials on successfully making the AI applications!

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