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Kit Details

FaceBot is a do-it-yourself (Artificial Intelligence) kit for school/college students and those who has the interest in Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Face Recognition and Chatbot. This kit is prepare with the intention to give the learner (of any age or background) an exposure to the new technologies. In this course, the learner will understand (practically) a bit of “Programming”, “Data Training”, “Face Recognition”, “Chatbot”, “How they works?” “How they can be made” and a lot more.

What will you learn?
1. Using Programming Tools – The very first thing you’ll get from this kit is the hands on experience to one of the most popular Programming tool – Python. As the complete Face Recognition module trains and runs on the Python.

2. Artificial Intelligence – Face Recognition and Chatbot are the parts of Artificial Intelligence. While making both of these AI models, the learner will see how through the combination of programming and data training a face can be recognized and a machine can communicate.

3. ChatBot Making – The learner will use an online tool to make a Chatbot by their own. This Chatbot can also be implemented on various platform, as well as can be shared directly with anyone.


Lessons 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The first lesson will introduce the learner with the Artificial Intelligence, its Algorithms, and how Artificial Intelligence works.
This session introduce the student with the real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence, its uses and benefits in various fields.
In this session, the student will know how the AI Face Recognition works and where these future technologies are working now.


Student will learn about the various software/tools required for training and testing the AI modules and how to configure the device to run them.
In this session, the student will train the images by their own for the Face Recognition and then run the code to detect a face in group or crowd in real-time.
This session brief the learner to the Chatbot, role of AI in Chatbot, and how it works.
In this session, the student will know about the decision tree and how Chatbot uses it to communicate with the people.
In this interesting session, the learner will create a Chatbot (for any business/service) by their own and test it in the real-time to understand its working in detail. Moreover, they will deploy and share their Chatbot.
The learner will get the access to additional references and resources to expand their skills.

Kit Features

1. Easy to Understand Explanation –

The explanation of the course is designed in a way that it can be easily understood by anyone, whether the learner is a child or a starter.

2. Software Skills –

The tools we have used in this course are used by professional programmers also thus the learner will earn software skill which will benefit them in their career.

3. Practical Experience –

This kit gives the learners hands on experience to AI Face Recognition technology. He/she will see how this technology works in real and what are the things working behind an AI application.

4. Practical Applications –

Along with understanding of the Artificial Intelligence technology, this kit will bring up ideas in the learners mind to implement and use this technology in various fields.

5. Do-It-Yourself kit –

It has been scientifically proven that a hands-on approach helps children learn faster and retain longer. Our do-it-yourself kits are specially designed for children to enable them to learn new age technologies in a simple and engaging way.

We want your child to be a creator of technology vs consumers of technology. We will be facilitators in this process. You can simply rely on us!