Virtual Zone

DIY Virtual Reality Kit

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Virtual Reality





Virtual Zone is a do-it-yourself Virtual Reality (VR) kit for children through which your child can create his own virtual reality video and experience it via his phone. Your child can pick anything out of his own imagination and experience it in reality.

What will you learn?

1. Virtual Reality video development - Very often we see that children experience technology in malls but do not really know the science behind it. Virtual Zone is a hands-on kit through which your child will understand how new age technologies such as Virtual Reality actually work in reality and more importantly, apply these concepts in his daily life.

2. 3D model creation - Through this kit your child will also learn how to create a basic 3D model and make a VR video out of his creation.

Kit Features

1. Easy to use design tools.

2. Practical Applications.

3. Do-It-Yourself kit for children.

4. Online Course.

5. Easy to use Instruction Manual + Assembly Videos + On Call Support.

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