Oxygen 2 Innovation | Robo Arm
1. Do-it-yourself kit for students

magine making an intelligent robotic arm that you can control with an app! And what more? You can ask it do anything. Yes, ANYTHING!

2. Practical Applications

Robo-arm is an intelligent robot with many practical applications. It can be your kitchen assistant and make lemonade for you, or it can be your personal assistant and neatly pick and place all your clothes…the list is endless!

3. Online Robotics Course

You will have access to our online course for free!

4. Easy to follow instruction manual + Assembly Videos + On-call support

If you get stuck somewhere, we are just a call away. We guarantee success.

6. Certification

You will be awarded with a certificate signed by senior Indian Air Force officials after making the Robo-Arm successfully!

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