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AR Smart Glass is a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit for school/college students and those who has interest in Augmented Reality, App Creation, Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence. Through this kit, the learner will understand, “Augmented Reality” “AR applications” “How AR works?” “How an AR app can be made” and a lot more, that too practically. The Kit’s material and content is designed in the way that it can be understood by anyone.

What will you learn?
1. Augmented Reality – The very first thing you’ll get from this kit is a good understanding of the Augmented Reality technology. You’ll get to know some of its real-life applications and how it can be used in various fields. This kit also gives some unique real-life application ideas, which learner can use for their school/college project.

2. Artificial Intelligence – The learner will use an online platform to get the database for app making. This database is of the target images, which you’ll add by your own. You’ll understand how an app/software recognizes the images.

3. App Making – In this kit, the learner will make an Augmented Reality app from the zero to last. This app will be the result of your complete efforts. As well as, it can be shared with anyone.

4. Software Learning – At the end, one more thing you’ll take away from this kit is a good Software knowledge & skill. As the complete app making work will be done on a popular app making platform – “Unity”. And, this knowledge & skills will surely benefit you in the future.


Lessons 1: Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR)

In this session the students will be taught – what is Augmented Reality and how it works.
This session includes the real-life applications, future and benefits of this new age technology.
Student will download & install the tools by themselves and setup their device for the project.


In this part, the student will be introduced with an online tool used for AR database creation. They will add the target images and understand how an image, face, 3D object is recognized (AI).
In this session, the student will be taught some important things. These includes, using Unity Software and making augmented images, videos & 3D model through it.
This is the session in which learner will build an AR app and take it out as the result of their work.
In this session, student will practically experience the Augmented Reality.
Through this session, the student will understand – How this technology can be used in various fields. As well as, they can use the given ideas for their school/college project or expand their skills.
The learner will get the access to additional references and resources to expand their skills.

Kit Features

1. Simple Explanation –

The explanation of the course is designed in a way that it can be easily understood by anyone, whether you’ve any prior experience or not.

2. Software Skill –

The tools we have used in this course are used by professionals also thus the learner will earn software skill which will benefit them in their career.

3. Practical Experience –

This kit gives the learners hands on experience to Augmented Reality technology. He/she will see how this technology works in real.

4. Practical Applications –

Along with understanding of the Augmented Reality technology, this kit will bring up ideas in the learners mind to implement and use this technology in various fields.

5. Do-It-Yourself kit –

It has been scientifically proven that a hands-on approach helps children learn faster and retain longer. Our do-it-yourself kits are specially designed for children to enable them to learn new age technologies in a simple and engaging way.

We want your child to be a creator of technology vs consumers of technology. We will be facilitators in this process. You can simply rely on us!