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Smart Plug is a do-it-yourself IOT (Internet of Things) kit for children through which your child can switch ON/OFF any appliance at your home via the app your child builds on his phone.

What will you learn? 1. Internet of Things (IOT) - Very often we see that children learn something in textbooks but do not know what it really is in practical life. Smart Plug is a hands-on kit through which your child will understand how new age technologies such as IOT, Cloud Computing actually work in reality and more importantly, apply these concepts in his daily life.

2. App development - Through this kit your child will also learn how a app can be built in a simple way and how it can be made to control physical devices.


Lesson 1: Foundations of IOT

In this session the students will be introduced to Internet of Things, applications, practical uses and benefits of this new age technology.
Students will be taught the foundations blocks of IOT - namely - Sensors, Communication Link Up, Server and Mobile User Interface.
The various components used in the kit to set up an IOT System will be introduced.


In this session students will be introduced to Cloud Based Set up of the Kit.
In this session the students will be guided to create an IOT based Mobile Application.
They will be introduced to loading the code to the Microprocessor.
Finally they will use the KIT to test a Test Case.
Students will be shown real life applications and use of this technology.
Students will get access to additional references and resources to expand their skills.

Kit Features

    1. Graphical Programming -
  • Graphical programming is a simple drag and drop coding method thus enabling children who do not even know coding to be able to make their own apps easily.

  • 2. Practical Applications -
  • This kit has a pre-assembled smart plug which is connected to a home appliance. This smart plug can be programmed via the USB cable (in the kit) thus enabling your child to control any device via the app he creates on his mobile phone.

  • 3. Do-It-Yourself kit for children -
  • It has been scientifically proven that a hands-on approach helps children learn faster and retain longer. Our do-it-yourself kits are specially designed for children to enable them to learn new age technologies in a simple and engaging way.

  • 4. Online Course -
  • Through this kit your child will have access to online course content thus helping your child understand all the aspects of IOT in a comprehensive way.

  • 5. Easy to use Instruction Manual + Assembly Videos + On Call Support -
  • We have made a simplified instruction manual which a child can easily follow. We have assembly videos on our site and social media. Also, if your child still gets stuck somewhere, we are just a call away thus guranteeing success.

  • We want your child to be a creator of technology vs consumers of technology. We will be facilitators in this process. You can simply rely on us!


Anvesh, Father of Kaustubh Aggarwal, Sri Ram School, Gurgaon (From Amazon)


I bought the IOT kit for my 11 year old son. My son made an app which he installed on my phone He connected the smart plug (in the kit) to the lamp in my room . I am now able to switch on/off the lamp from my mobile phone. In fact, I find it extremely useful during night times. No need of finding the remote or the switch… And one day, I forgot to switch off the lamp had reached office. With the app, I could just switch it off from my office. Wow.
As a parent, I am extremely proud to see my son building something which is so new age and also which is so useful in our daily lives. I can say I am extremely happy with the product and also the seamless experience my son had while assembling it. Would highly recommend it to all the parents and children.

Aryan, Student, Amity International School, Vasundhara Sec 1


I just loved the experience of making my own IOT system and installing it at home. I made my own mobile app with which I could control any device at home from the playground, school etc. My parents and teachers were very happy seeing me build this on my own. I’m now waiting for the launch of the AI kit.

Rohit, Working Professional, Delhi (From Amazon)


I was looking for a home automation system. At that time, I came across this DIY IOT kit. I thought it would be a great idea if I would be able to automate my house and also know how the IOT technology really works on ground. So, I bought the kit and I just loved the seamless experience implementing it at home.
So this kit, comes with a programmable smart plug. Users build the program for the smart plug. They also build an app for their homes with which they can control any home appliance like fans, table lamps etc. Programming is really simple. Their instructions in the manual are also very easy to follow. Overall, I can say that I really understood what IOT is and I am happy that I could build something with this technology that I am using every day at home.

Aarav, Student, Amity International School, Mayur Vihar


I had heard a lot about IOT (Internet of Things). But I did not know what it is. With this kit, I learnt how to make my own IOT solution. The kit also comes with access to online IOT videos which were very helpful in understanding about what IOT is, what are the practical applications of IOT etc. I gained a thorough understanding of IOT. Moreover, the O2i team was very supportive to help me wherever I got stuck. Now, I am going to build more such things on my own. Thanks to this kit for getting me started.